Why Choose Us

Hearing Aids from Quality Hearing Aid Center vs. Discount Stores

We offer the Best:

Best Diagnosis – Hearing loss is a medical issue frequently caused by illness and disease. Only physicians are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat the causes of your hearing loss. They can prevent it from worsening and occasionally even restore your ability to hear. The cause of hearing loss cannot be diagnosed at a discount store. A physician-audiologist team is the best way to care for your health and hearing.

Best Programming – In our office, hearing aids are programmed by a state licensed audiologist. It is important to know who is programming your hearing aids so you receive the best results! Audiologists have more training than any other professional in programming hearing aids. We will ensure you hear the best in every environment.

Best Technology – Hearing aids sold in discount stores often lack features available at our office. Our selection of hearing aids offers you the highest quality devices featuring the latest in digital technology; options include directional microphones, feedback cancellation and wireless connectivity – all priced very competitively.

Best Service – We can address medical concerns and hearing aid issues in one visit. Our office accepts most insurance policies and can program most hearing aids on request. We offer one-stop, comprehensive hearing healthcare and hearing aid services. When choosing discount stores, it is necessary to travel to multiple locations to address even minor health concerns, such as wax buildup.

Trust us with your family’s health, trust us with your hearing aids!