Five Hearing Aid Myths

There are many reasons for getting help with your hearing loss. It is important to hear in the business world. It is even more important to hear your children, family and friends! Hearing aids benefit you and everyone who wants to talk to you. Here are five incorrect, frequently stated myths that are often used as reasons to not try hearing aids.

“Hearing aids are too costly.”

No necessarily true! High-fidelity digital amplification is a very valuable tool to help improve your quality of life. There is a wide range of price, performance and payment choices. Most high quality hearing aids cost between $950 and $2,200 per side. There are many ways to finance the purchase of quality hearing aids. A very reasonable option is a one-year, no-interest financing arrangement through CareCredit Payment Plan. Other options may also be available and will be discussed with you at your Hearing Aid Evaluation appointment. Ask yourself, what is the cost of not hearing?

“Hearing aids are unsightly.”

Modern hearing aids are smaller than ever, many are virtually invisible. The most comfortable and effective hearing instruments are very small units that hide behind the ear, with only a nearly invisible skinny tube carrying the improved sound to the ear. We have a variety of sleek, modern designs and beautiful color choices to suit everyone’s sense of style. You would be amazed how many friends and even celebrities have hearing aids and you don’t even know. Ask yourself, is it better to have people know I have a hearing problem or know that I have hearing aids?

“Hearing aids don’t help much, especially in noisy places.”

Not true! New technology and understanding your hearing situation almost always helps you to hear better socially and at work. The latest developments in hearing aid computer technology have allowed hearing aid manufacturers to produce devices that don’t only make sounds louder; they make sounds better. Many designs can reduce or eliminate background noise and squeal. Sophisticated frequency shifting can even transfer important speech sounds to a lower register for your better understanding. Newer directional microphones help you ‘zero-in’ on the voice of the person that YOU want to hear above background noise. Bluetooth is here and almost all features are automatic. Your friend’s hearing aid problems will almost never be your problem. Ask yourself, is my hearing causing me to miss things at home or work?

“Hearing aids squeal a lot.”

New technology using computer chips and amazing software has helped hearing aid makers virtually eliminate the annoying whistling, buzzing and squealing that was typical of hearing aids of even the recent past. The concept is simple; better hearing using sophisticated technology that is all automatic. Ask yourself, since hearing aid technology has advanced so much, why not give it a try?

“I might lose them.”

Losing or damaging your hearing aid is not a common occurrence. All hearing aids come with insurance. This is included as part of the warranty. Loss and damage is a covered benefit. Several additional insurance choices are available. Our audiologist will work with you to make sure you have a comfortable and secure fitting hearing aid. It is highly unlikely that it will ever fall out. Ask yourself, should I worry about the unlikely chance I would lose my hearing aid or should i worry about losing my family and friends?

There are many advantages to wearing hearing aids. Trust your physician and their audiologist with your hearing aids! Make an appointment with one of our audiologists to discuss.